by Perry Morton Jr. IV

sábado, 2 de enero de 2021




The global pandemic that plagues humanity has highlighted, once again, that when the United States does not assume the leadership of democracies, they are threatened at a political, social and economic level.
It is necessary that this 2021 be the year in which the US regains its leadership in areas such as research in search of a universal vaccine for the whole world, free trade agreements and maintaining the security of commercial maritime routes so that our Allies do not feel threatened by the military and economic expansion of China and Russia. Leadership in NATO, in the UN and strengthening alliances with nations bordering China is the only brake on totalitarianism and the advance of communism that causes tensions in democratic societies and those that aspire to be so.
History has taught us that when a leading society falls into isolationism, it ends up falling into its decline and the loss of leadership at the international level. It is a year in the hope of building a better world when the pandemic is eradicated and the United States must live up to history. The American people must once again trust the democratic system that has been subjected in recent years to the whims of nepotism, populism and lack of humanity that, supported by political, religious and economic arguments have only achieved the death of thousands of our compatriots and with the country in the first place of infections and deaths from the pandemic.
The challenges facing humanity are great. Achieving a vaccine and strengthening democracy around the world as well as leading the current space race, will show that the United States does not set goals because they are easy to achieve, we face them because we are pioneers on the path of the 21st century and, once again, We will emerge stronger as well as our allies to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges that we all face everywhere, and future generations will say that the United States once again managed to lead the free world.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle 

jueves, 2 de enero de 2020




The year 2020 will be remembered for the beginning of the decade in which the US returned to the Moon and returned to stay. A new frontier where, once again, the leadership in exploration corresponds to the US. Once again, since 1945, our nation stands among democracies as the only power capable of facing new challenges.
A challenge that adds to new ones that we thought were banished, such as the resurgence of fascism, communism and nationalism in our European allies. Raising commercial walls, physical walls and walls based on nepotism and commercial interest has only managed to build walls in American society, in the confidence of the democracies of the world that attend the withdrawal of military support, to close the entrance to trade between nations. It may seem that the US has a thriving economy but it is based on concepts that are not the current one: an interconnected planet where global politics is necessary and walked alongside the rest of the free world democracies
A new era begins where the return to the Moon is only a milestone in what has to be to establish a permanent and viable permanence on our satellite that will serve as a support point for future missions to our solar system. That the future of Humanity expands according to our lifestyle makes it necessary that our partners in this wonderful adventure feel safe and can trust the US as an ally and not to see the US as a power that began its decline, like other great nations throughout history. The US is born as a response and defense against tyranny and today we are witnessing obvious signs that our democracy is being attacked by the citizens who confuse nepotism with strength, blackmail as a policy against the contrary and the abandonment of our alliances that only favors the expansion of other powers that although they would not be rival for the US, they could try to impose themselves on our European and Asian allies.
A government that isolates the nation from its own continent, that prevents free trade between nations, source of prosperity and broth of democracy, that abandons its military alliances leaving the allies sold and is governed by the utmost lack of ethics and morality except for the power of money, it is the forge of the dagger that can end our way of life, our democratic values ​​and lead to armed conflicts because when the US closes its eyes and looks the other way, democracy in the rest of the The world is in serious danger of being crushed by totalitarianism. Let's look up as we have been doing since 1969 and return to the Moon renewing our commitment to go on behalf of Humanity. It is the new frontier and the new challenge we have for this already advanced 21st century without repeating the mistakes of the 20th century.
God bless America.

Perry Morton Jr. IV

Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2019




The announcement of the Chinese communist authorities to use force for the annexation of Taiwan is only the icing on the cake of President Donald Trump's nefarious policy. The United States was born as a nation before the rule of tyranny and the pretext that it was with the divine protection. Raising border walls and building mercantile walls only guarantees in the medium term the division of American society, the geostrategic retreat of democracies and that our ideological antagonists presume military muscle and that Russia and China challenge the leadership of the United States in the free world.
Our allies observe with fear the rise of nationalisms in Europe, the constant threat of Russia that leads to an escalation of armaments as was not seen since the Cold War. Southeast Asia observes with fear the Chinese naval air power that will not stop in Taiwan, a clear challenge to the United States and its military presence in the zone based on the agreements with the allied countries in the zone that only finds in Japan a military force able to give an answer that without the support of the United States will involve the establishment of the Chinese influence and expand its communist system to the rest of the region with the approval of President Donald Trump and the cooperation of Russia that will see a signal for their plans to regain influence in what were Soviet republics.

It must be added that countries such as North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela are pleased to see the retreat of the United States leadership and its democracy to continue to maintain in power the fallacy of revolutionary socialism that condemns its citizens to the scarcity of opportunities, the oppression of the political dictatorship and the exodus to other lands in search of freedom that allows them to prosper based on their work and their merits. Raising border walls is the first step to an imperial policy in its nepotism and a setback of democracy in the world that has always entailed an isolationist policy on the part of the United States. The gap that President Donald Trump creates with his despotic policy is quickly occupied by China and Russia being the first time in its history that a president of the United States allows foreign and European powers to govern the destinies of the republics of the American continent.
The men and women of the armed forces keep alive the legacy of those who preceded them with their sacrifice throughout history whenever the United States entered the war. Democracy is the only system that guarantees that every day we work for a better, prosperous world with a global spirit that will lead us to the exploration and colonization of space. The wall on the border with Mexico is not only a physical barrier, it is a barrier to the expansion of democracy and free trade, it is a brake on the idea of ​​a global planet that will serve as an example to other countries to impose themselves by force. who do not follow their policies. It is time that the representatives of the citizenship in the United States demand that the nefarious politics of President Trump be stopped because, just as we were to isolationism at the beginning of the 20th century and we were forced to return to the Great Game in 1941, now that we withdraw the support to our allies around the world and in different conflicts, we must return to defend with arms the expansion of tyranny, again against fascism and communism. It will not be done by imperialism, it will be necessary when the threatened democracies look at the United States as it has always happened when tyranny prevails in the concert of nations even though it now seems that a tyrant sometimes resides in the White House.

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle

martes, 2 de enero de 2018




The unrenounceable right to have weapons included in our constitution does not conflict with the duty of lawmakers to limit their access to members of the public who are not qualified for it, either because they have psychological backgrounds or impediments. It is therefore mandatory that President Trump promotes the creation of legislative measures that are necessary in the face of the violence that they unleash in inappropriate hands and the social concern about the easy access to the ownership of a firearm. 2017 has witnessed how for the first time in the history of the United States a foreign power dictates our foreign policy. President Trump has managed in just one year to reign the mistrust between our allies for the apparent impunity with which Russia interferes in its internal affairs through computer attacks, anti-NATO propaganda financed by the Kremlin and attempts to break the great states of the Union European as it has been the case of Spain and the support interested in electoral campaigns that should be investigated to their ultimate consequences both judicial and political. Nations that do not maintain their political and social achievements are doomed to decadence and their end as a model of coexistence and leadership among nations. Canceling the achievements of previous administrations and isolating ourselves from international trade on the part of President Trump only increases the expansionist desire of China and Russia in foreign policy and it is a deception to the US citizen to sell prosperity if we fall into commercial isolationism. We all live on the same planet and it is everyone's commitment to coordinate coordinated environmental policies. The United States of America must lead these policies because others who have equal or more responsibility would put their interests before the interests of the planet. Our democracy has been and is beacon of democracy and defense of the same, leader among nations of the free world and now it must be a planet in the fight against climate change. The attention to our veterans has also been ineffective. After serving their country and their values ​​in the different conflicts in defense of the United States, they are on their return without the due attention and care they need. The suicide rate among veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan is intolerable. The attention of those who have sacrificed their health in defense of democracy must be endowed with material and human resources. The irreverence of our veterans by President Trump is neither funny nor funny, but it is an insult to soldiers and relatives.God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Advertiser Chronicle

lunes, 2 de enero de 2017



Throughout the history of the United States of America a foreign power has never tried to alter the results of a presidential election. Reports from the various intelligence and security agencies point to Russian interference in the past elections that have given presidential power to Donald Trump. His thesis and his arguments convinced a part of the electorate but there is a shadow of doubt whether he benefited from the Kremlin.
What the USSR did not achieve seems to be thanks to the new computer technologies that can be obtained by a Russia that shows its aggressiveness in Syria and in its neighboring republics. Like Hitler in 1936, President Putin does not seem to quench his thirst for regaining Soviet glory by annexing territories that do not legitimately belong to him and hampering the search for a solution in the Middle East by curtailing hopes for peace and prosperity by condemning The citizenship of that geostrategic scenario to follow in the poverty, the religious fanaticism and the political submission to dictators or satraps of turn.
President Trump must, and is obliged to allow, to come to the end in search of the truth about the Russian interference that the reports show. You can not be Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces who has been backed by a foreign power that would put at risk the safety of our men and women who sacrifice our lives throughout our planet our prosperity, our culture and ours democracy. With a single vote altered by a foreign power is enough for Donald Trump to resign the presidency, otherwise would prostitute our system not only from an electoral point of view but our democracy. A single vote, only one, that is shown altered and Mr. Trump must resign.
The image of the United States is worsening as our allies feel that the United States' commitment to common defense seems to be altered by the new incoming administration. In Asia, the aggressive shadow of the Chinese communist leaders seems to be sifting through territorial conflicts without complying with the mandates of international bodies, reinforcing their military power while keeping their citizenship narcotized with consumerism. In Europe, the fascisms defeated in 1945 and 1989 seem to re-ignite the fuse of violence based on racial concepts and xenophobia. Our continental allied republics suffer the end of the Bolivarian dream and the scourge of the crisis. Today, more than ever, the United States must be the engine that starts and promotes the values of democracy, but we will not be able to allow the interference of a foreign power in the presidential election.
Donald Trump is the new president of all Americans, but Americans are not Vladimir Putin's subjects. It may be understood that we retreat into a new isolationism and focus on our prosperity and that our allies engage more in their own defense without our lack of support, but retracing ourselves to thank the support of Russia and Mr. Putin have field Free to impose its order in Europe and Middle East will only tarnish the memory of the blood of our young people shed in the name of democracy from the coast of Normandy to the deserts of Afghanistan. The United States is not a company or a corporation, the United States is a dream since its foundation because it means opportunities, prosperity and wealth, the possibility of achieving it at least for work and personal effort. And it is the Russian citizenship who most deserve at this moment to perceive that authoritarianism passes but democracy prevails, it is time for Russia to leave in peace the burial of the USSR and for Mr. Putin to allow democracy to its citizens, not to interfere in countries Who already enjoy it under an apparent military strength that is not such.
Donald Trump must demonstrate transparently, and resign accordingly, if the foreign interference shown in the reports is true, otherwise it would be treason.
God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Advertiser Chronicle

viernes, 1 de enero de 2016



The recognition by the Chinese authorities to build a new aircraft carrier only has to serve at last the world's nations are knowledgeable intelligence of fact our services and our allies in the lead for quite noting too time: CPC's ambitions to extend its maritime domain treading international law governing territorial disputes between neighboring countries.
When the US and its allies to take serious measures to stop Chinese Communist expansionism serving justification other hostile to mantain defiant nations at the international level it has come. The war on terrorism began in 2001 reaches its climax in the current battle on all fronts against Muslim fundamentalism crystallized in a caliphate of terror strikes that not only European and Western interests, brutally beats his own people, caught between a war with several wars within it, which is subjected to living martyrdom. No dudadmos in our faith in the final victory before the blood of our youth was consecrated in sacrifice fighting for democracy and the US but is also time to end the culture broth encourages young boys to become martyrs and girls to be treated as a commodity under medieval settings.
The CCP knows how to use that China has become a major world manufacturing factory, mercantilism that is welcomed with open arms since assumed a market than a thousand potential consumers. The glamor of Chinese consumer society should not blind us to the view that the Chinese Communist leaders have managed to fix the major flaw of the former USSR: its citizens have access to market products of the entertainment industry, consumerism sum. If China instead of promoting freedoms within their society begins with rearmament is happening as hostile gestures towards its neighbors and the Muslim world needs PROSPERITY turn and democracy flourish, maybe it's time to take manufacturing China and reinstall a favorable scenario which in turn excites the world and find argume musumán nts against the sermons and arguments of fundamentalist Islamic clerics who have taken advantage of the generosity of host and under the laws of democracies to spread His message to young people who are culturally and socially uprooted in their home countries where their elders were looking for an opportunity that only within a democratic state are possible.
Our allies in the Pacific must feel no mood of doubt and absolute certainty that the US will not suffer any longer provocations and challenges, bring the CCP the clear message that if they build aircraft carriers with expansionist zeal tgendrán to use them because the US attend one again his date with history and compliance with defense treaties with allies.
God bless America
Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Managing Editor of The Adversiter Chronicle

sábado, 3 de enero de 2015


He finished the 2014 with a computer attack on US soil and has insulted the President of our nation.
Americans know about the scourge of racism led to the paroxysm of comparing humans with animals. Many Americans have suffered and are suffering with citizens of other continents eradicate a scourge yet.
The greatness of our nation lies in a fundamental pillar of constitutional rights and safeguarding our borders and that of our allies. A dictator of an obsolete communist dictatorship insult an American president is spitting more than a leader, spits out a story in defense of the inviolable rights of every man.
The United States has never tax your system and way of life, or we were called to the aid of other democracies and dictatorships fought or we were attacked on our sovereignty.
American society is aware that the struggle for full implementation in everyday life of civil rights collide with the wall of ignorance and bigotry of centuries of wrong education that can only be solved with an adequate education.
Our system is not perfect but it is the most perfect there. United States manages change for the better thanks to the struggles do not fall on deaf ears and are still fighting for generations to increase justice and eradicate the evils of racial or social discrimination.
If the communist dictator of North Korea think they can computationally attack US interests in the American territory itself, maybe it's time to tell the Chinese Communist government that departs.
We have problems at home and work to solve them but if the communist dictator thinks a man is a monkey by the color of their skin is no longer an enemy of the United States, is the enemy of mankind.

God bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV

Owner and Managing Editor of The Adversiter Chronicle

sábado, 24 de agosto de 2013



The case of the soldier Manning has come to his end with the judgment of the Military Court her condemning to 35 years for the filtrations to Wikileaks. Manning has been wrong in the forms though not in the bottom, but as member of the Army of The United States it committed a crime of high perfidy to his country and his companions and fellow-citizens who paid with the tax of his blood the defense of the freedom and the democracy as well as put in danger the lives of others and an unnecessary polemic with our European allies.


The soldier Manning, if him it was not possible to denounce what his conscience was saying to him that it it was deserving to be inside the military estate, should have asked for his fall in rows or to expect to be a civil and free citizen already of his responsibilities as military man and analyst of intelligence. Our great nation has sufficient mechanisms in the civil estate to denounce, to evaluate and to correct the harmful faults of the system, but on having chosen the route of the perfidy as professional soldier is just likewise that is punished as such and to what arranges the regulation.


On the other hand our European allies better would do in the vestments not be tearing since they take advantage to own request in the majority of the cases of our human and technological efficiency as for intelligence and against intelligence. But the United States of America have gained themselves for two times with the sacrifice of his youth the privilege of monitoring a few allies who have demonstrated too along the History that if not they guardianship they are thrown to the war. That say clearly that they there worries the industrial espionage, but like it worries his us and to the rest of countries in the game of the productive world system.


It has to serve also, like a touch of attention to the military persons in charge of the recruitment who could not detect that after the appearance of a boy the soul of a woman flutters and to destine him to a position to which it must never have acceded. The United States need a technologically top Army and superiors have to be his members. But they are the responsible Superiors who have to detect now the failures in the recruitment and impose the necessary measurements in order that if someone tries to treat his personal traumas at the cost of the Army the means exist for you discard those who obviously are not inclined or qualified for the carreras of the weapon and what it represents of responsibility.


Possibly soldier does not fulfill complete the penalty and it will be a shooting star of the television gaining the sufficient thing to do his change of sex, in this sense it has all our solidarity, but as soldier the judgment seems to us to be just and is of hoping that in his prayers one agrees of his companions that they lost the life for the system of which he will take advantage like civil thanks to his filtrations.

God Bless America

Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle


viernes, 19 de abril de 2013


The death and arrest of the perpetrators of the attack in Boston means the end of the imminent threat and opens the second part of this tragedy.
It is too early and should give time to researchers so that they compose the puzzle: logistical support, inductors and indoctrinating is needed for two young people integrated in our nation decided to commit this brutal act of terrorism.
It is also a reminder that those who propose to make the United States an isolationist country may see terrorism as a global phenomenon.
The international status that we have ever reached is based on raising the flag in defense of democracy and is in that sense that we must be patient, be United and work together to clarify all the dark spots of the terrorist attack.
Allied and friendly Nations know what it is to suffer the threat of terrorism in their society, such as Spain, Israel and other European countries where democracy is constantly attacked.
But democracy has its mechanisms of Defense and the United States have launched a message loud and clear: we will pursue, will stop and will judge any and kind of terrorism.
President Obama has the perfect excuse and motivation given by the sacrifice of our compatriots to spearhead a process where sentence and ends with the terrorism both in Europe and in the Americas. It may seem a utopia and even a dream, but our country not has faced ever challenges due to its easy or impossible a priori dealt with, always assumed them by its difficulty but glimpse into the future that promised to meet such challenges.
Simply the projection of future that involves ending terrorism in our country and of our allies is worth at least considering the challenge.
The Adversiter Chronicle binds to the pain of the family and is proud of that in a short period of time and with the collaboration of the citizenship has been able to be neutralized this threat as well as congratulate the members of the various police forces and the FBI for the arrest of the culprits.
 God bless America
Perry Morton Jr. IV
Owner and Editorial Director of The Adversiter Chronicle

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012


The tragedy in Connecticut has to make us think as Americans in need and timing provoked by one tragedy, that without renouncing the right of possessing weapons, the acquisition thereof must be regulated to avoid certain elements of society can carry them with complete immunity.

The United States have evolved social and materially. Times in which necessitated a weapon to defend themselves against other citizens has been attenuated by the various agencies and bodies to whom we are confident the defense of the rule of law, those who are authorized to neutralize the weapons used to those within our society to commit an offence, trafficking and murder.

President Obama has to be courageous and address along with the Congress laws that protect citizens unarmed and innocent children from the potential danger of unbalanced and teenage alienated by the violence in the entertainment industry have access to weapons that cause massacres of innocent.

We are not asking to restrict Internet, Administration does very well in flag freedom in the same at the recent meeting of the ITU which was held in Dubai.

It is not to invalidate the constitutional right to have weapons.

It's a comprehensive reform in which young minds feel sections of the education system and their family and social frameworks are replaced by a frame of reference based on the violence of the trigger.

When an adolescent commits a massacre, we are all somewhat guilty.

President Obama has the opportunity to fulfill its promises in this regard in his last term. Nobody should tear garments because restrictive measures on the controls for acquisition of weapons.

Learn to shoot and having weapons at home, parents and children come to shoot at polygons of shooting or shooting clubs is not only legitimate but an inalienable right. That anyone can outwit the control system to acquire already is not simply possible.

United States and its citizens are today mourning, but we all have something of blame for hindering the advance of the times.

The Adversiter Chronicle accompanies the families of the victims in their grief, and we pray to the Almighty for their souls and the consolation of victims.

God bless America

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012


The recent death of the American Ambassador in Libya looks to be the trigger for the already next war in Middle East. So far diplomacy took the initiative on the issue of Iranian nuclear power. One of the misfortunes of the Bush era has been the loss of credibility to public opinion and the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the intelligence reports.
Some day we will know the truth of the assertions that Iraq available vectors of release of weapons of mass destruction, yes had these even, and to what extent intelligence agencies were intoxicated at the time of collecting information. Also seems obvious to every day that passes the Syrian conflict solution through the comprehensive reform of the geopolitical balance in the area where Saudi Arabia heads the Group of Arab and Islamic leaders who want to see neutralized the influence and spread of Islamic Iran leaders.
A brief analysis seems to indicate that attacks and riots in the Arab world, part of the Arab world, are not as spontaneous as it seems at first glance and the film parody is only a pretext.
Does perhaps the role of Israel and its intelligence services has been cause to justify? Do perhaps the fundamentalists have taken advantage of the provocation to camouflage actions already scheduled for the anniversary of 9-11?
Drums of war are heard and perhaps time is the time that after the cold war and the subsequent period of readjustment geo-political and strategic geo based in a consumerist culture that culminated in the economic crisis we are currently experiencing the Nations decide to solve the problem of religious war that exists between Islamic fundamentalists and all of them against USA and the democracies.
All this will be to eliminate the revolutionary Islamist Government in Tehran and a period of progressive democratization, that will take from two to four generations, where fundamentalist orientation governments out of the polls. And inevitably that Islamic countries, at least in the Maghreb and Mediterranean Strip, recognize the State of Israel.
To reach that stage, not utopian, several steps are necessary.
European countries must provide the means and necessary integration of the armies of countries members of the European Union not to fall into the operational deficiencies which showed in Libya. Middle East peace benefits the entire planet but particularly to Europe which should seek and develop new markets and areas of influence where by history the Maghreb and the Mediterranean shore part.
Turkey is called to be the natural guardian in this future scenario geo political both for its history as a territorial power and its NATO membership and the slow but progressive approach at all levels in Europe and the European Union. On the other hand, it is the only country in the area that apart from Israel has the military strength to impose the new order and guardian of the bridge of communication between East and West.
And United States?
United States has to be the policeman, not the armed wing that ensure respect for and guarantee the compliance of the new order when arise the inevitable rough, but an armed arm where diplomacy is spearhead.
United States has never entered into war on religious grounds and must never have claimed to justify doing so. United States must be done a scenario where different families of Islamic and Arab society feel a dialogue to build a future that belongs to them.
An Arab society which has had historical bad luck but who already know in their own flesh where lead Governments fundamentalists and the distorted spread of the verses of the Qur'an, used by the oligarchs in turn to stir up the holy war and international isolationism on the basis of foreign aggression.
It will be slower than desired for a process but this global economic crisis requires global solutions. Tomorrow will be Middle East, past East and engage China as a power to military in the area and the inevitable clash with Japan...
The presence of ships of the U.S. Navy, far from alarmed and concerned, should be
Symbol of the decision of American to create boards where democracy and economic prosperity can develop in peace for Arab society with the help, support and complicity of its allies in NATO.
But neither film is something fortuitous or fundamentalist assaults and demonstrations are spontaneous. If it were a strategy of the secret services, only we should congratulate and promote those responsible by the Government authorizing it.
Can you think of someone?

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012



The words of the President Obama to the media and in full electoral race for the Presidency for a second term can only be labeled of brave beyond possible revenue in number of voters.
Barack Obama has shown that the history of this country is written many times flying causes denigrated and others sold as anti-American.

The blood shed by our compatriots in previous generations, from the Bank of the Marne, in Tarawa, Okinawa, Philippine mangroves, jungles of Southeast Asia and even Afghanistan as before in Iraq, has never been in vain. Even with different ideas perhaps but always United over ideologies and religions under our flag of stars and stripes.

When in Europe return to attend clarinets and pipers which remind one of the darker times of humanity where faced democracy dictatorship of fanaticism and the extermination of the different, was the time that the USA flying the flag of the recognition of equality in all areas, perhaps with small but consistent steps such as marriage, our compatriots gays and lesbians.

Our Constitution contains the inalienable right to protect its citizens and freedom in its personal scope that includes sexual orientation.

Fortunately remain far longer those times where being homosexual or lesbian era social stigma and forced those who were to accept prostitution jobs paid many times by those same that crucifying them socially.

Our country leads the world because we are the vanguard of democracy and protection of human rights. No one better than a President, a man whose skin was until a few decades ago a handicap to be a full citizen, to remind us that despite the differences are not different from one another.

The Adversiter Chronicle applauds the courageous words that tell what tells the story about his administration, had the courage to say what many compatriots expected to hear loud and presidential.

The integration of gays and lesbians is already something common and current in the fields of our society and they have shown abundantly from its value and loyalty fighting and sacrificing on our armed forces to contribute to the prosperity of our great nation in all professional fields.
God bless America